Anonymous said: So I've been drawing realistic horses with slight cartoon (longer slender legs, pointier face and ears with bigger eyes) for a while. Recently got it good looking. But when I showed a friend they said "that looks like ***s drawing, you can't steal". I looked them up and they've been drawing for YEARS and my style closely resembles her style without me meaning to. My friend said I need to change mine. Do I? Is style exactly only one person's to claim?? I really did not know about them till then

Style is something that changes and shifts over time, I know many artists with very similar styles. As long as you are not purposely duplicating someone’s style exactly most people don’t really mind, it’s just a part of art ^^

Daily art tips 10/15

Airbrush white paint lightly over parts of your artwork to create a glowing highlight or the effect that a part of the picture is further away.

Daily Art Tips 10/12

When starting an art blog decide on what look you want and how to show off your art, choose a color scheme and make a good icon and URL based on this. So if you draw super cute art you might use pastel colors and lace etc. and have a URL about sweets or just your artist name. If your art is darker you would have a dark, usually monocrome (one color plus black white and gray) color scheme.

Daily Art Tips 10/11

Use E30, E21, E33, and E35 plus V12 to color dark tan skin with copics
Anonymous said: your Levi got me curious on how you do your profile views and anatomy. its an excellent done you've done there. thanks for the lace tip, I never really thought of that :)

:3 thank you very much!

Daily Art Tips 10/10
Use E00, E93, E95, R22 and RV93 to tan skin
Daily Art Tips 10/9

Always outline solid black areas separately in pencil are you have done the basic lines. This will allow you to check if you like how they fit together without messing up your whole picture.
More Diabolik Lovers today <3 Shuu in a suit because I don’t like his normal outfit, plus this is much sexier XD
Daily Art Tips 10/8

When inking focus on a single line at a time and try to ink that line all in one stroke. Ink from your elbow or shoulder not your wrist.

More Diabolik lovers tomorrow, I missed Levi :3
Started watching Orenchi no Furo Jiro and the bathtub scene was just too cute <3
Daily Art Tips: 10/7 
Allow sections of the same color to bleed together to create a nice composition (like the black in the top picture)

Decided to work on Diabolik lovers boys for inktober, because well sexy vampires <3 so who else to start with but Ayato ^\\^
Drew levi in thigh highs for day 6 of Inktober because reasons today <3

Daily art Tips: 10/6
When drawing black lace create the design with simple loops and repeating patterns and allow it to lead into the clothing. Basically use the same color for the lace rather than inking it in a different color.
Daily Art Tips 10-4

When you are inking keep pressure steady until the end of the stroke, then relax the pressure and pick up the pen in the same direction as the stroke. This will allow you to make sharp edges.
Daily Art Tips 10/2

Mix inking techniques to very life and widths of lines. Here I inked the thin areas with a multiliner and the thicker parts with a brush pen
Finished watching Tokyo Ghoul today and started reading the manga <3 I really love the hidden tarot cards in the manga.