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Hello! My name is MireielIe. Im a professional artist who draws yaoi in her free time <3 I'm working on a ereri mafia! AU doujinshi Danger Line, i partnered with the amazing fanficiton author <3

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I’m sorry Levi, another one with you as uke.

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here i bestow upon thee my shitty art

<3<3<3<3<3 Danger line fanart :DDDDDDDDDD

So I was talking with a friend about the importance of sourcing pics and respecting illustrators and shit and said friend came with this question: "But... what about the creator of the snk characters? Those illustrators are using his characters and story to make money with their doujins and the author is not receiving anything. Did they got permission from him to use his characters? So in a way aren't those illustrators just as bad?" HELP! NOW I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG!!!


Yeah i was thinking about this issue as well. and please don’t take my word for it but i think the difference between fan art doujin’s and mangaka are 

Monetary/credit value. isayama probably earns like boats loads of money from manga sells, anime, and other goods from their show (cosplay, props, etc). while doujins (even if you are popular) you’re not earning nearly as much, and i think with doujin if you are selling it, there is still a copyright. 

So while the original mangaka aren’t getting any money for these doujins, they are however they are getting their works and name distributed out there even more, which in turn can earn them money

For example, how i came across SNK was was through fan arts and doujins, so its their publicity that lead me to the official manga in which then i spend ass loads of money buying merchandise for snk and I’m sure a portion of that goes back to the artist.

And its because of this publicity that mangakas don’t mind it when fan create fan art or doujins, because after all, it’s free promotion.

Again this is how i interpret this matter. if its wrong feel free to correct me

I’m a doujinka so we get these questions a lot >< and yes, rivialle-heichou you’ve got it right. For the most part Japanese mangaka and companies seem to see fanartists and doujinka as a form of free marketing. But the original creator owns the copyright and if they ask a doujinka/fanartist to stop, we legally have to. They Don’t usually mind though, because usually if someone buys fanart/ doujinshi they will buy official and licensed stuff too.

However, the biggest thing is most people seem to think doujinshi make TONS of money and the simple answer is that our overhead is usually so high that even if we sell thousands of copies, we dont make much profit, because we use that money to print the next books go to conventions etc. >//////<. some people make more than others, but no where near compared to the original creator, because we do not receive royalties, just the amount that is over the cost of the good to make.

The exception to this is mainly American companies such as Disney, Marvel and DC Comic etc. This is because they actually send the original creators to conventions and if you are selling fanart, you actually are taking away profit from the original creator.

So in general with fanart etc. please respect whoever did the work to create the image and the series, and credit whoever the artist is, and if you make it respect the original creator.


Levi: *breathes*




Mikasa: Hey Eren look what i di-



This is the coolest fucking thing ever, exactly how I imagine it would go

Oh my god. I just saw your Danger Line comic and it's AMAZING. Danger Line was my first ereri fanfic. It set the bar really high and I can't seem to enjoy the others since I read the best one first! Keep up the amazing work!

<3 waahhh thank you very much! I know the feeling! I fell in love with Danger Line so much that i partnered with the writer as soon as i started reading it. Danger Line is one of the few things that has ever inspired me this much, so i am very happy that people are enjoying it :D

Woot finally done ^^ sorry for the late release today guys, but i really wanted to finish both pages and my boyfriend had surgery today >< more of Levi’s awsome sassy is coming soon <3

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